EIZO TIP0210F-DVI IP-Transceiver

Tuotekoodi: TIP0210F-DVI

  • Häviötön kuvansiirto maks 10GB/s
  • Toimii samanaikaisesti enkooderina ja dekooderina
  • Kaksi videosignaalia samanaikaisesti


With TIP0210F-DVI, image and video data, as well as control signals, can be transmitted with zero latency or loss in a 10 GB network. As a result, a flexible video routing can be realized using standardized, forwardlooking network technology.

  • Uncompressed, loss-free data transmission of 10 GB/sec
  • Transmission with zero latency, for better hand-eye coordination
  • One device per software can be used as a decoder and encoder
  • Up to two video links per device can be processed
  • Multiple views on a monitor possible through one signal
  • Passive cooling


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Tekniset tiedot

Tulo Up to FHD (1920 x 1200), 1 x uncompressed, 60 Hz and 30 Hz, progressive and interlaced
Lähtö Up to FHD (1920 x 1200), 2 x uncompressed, 60 Hz and 30 Hz, progressive
Muuta Network bandwidth: 10 Gb/s
Cable: LWL duplex LC/LC
Interface: DVI-D x 1 (in/out), DVI-D x 1 (out/loop through)
Multiview: Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture, QuadView
Control: Mouse- and keyboard control
Audio: Audio (in/out)
Connectors: SFP+ (10 GbE) x 1, DVI-D x 1, USB/A x 2, USB/B x 1, audio jack x 1, RS232 x 1, RJ45 (Ethernet 1 GB/s)
Hyväksynnät CE, IEC60950, tested for IEC60601-1-2, RoHS
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