EIZO RadiForce GX560 5MP harmaasävynäyttö

Tuotekoodi: GX560

  • 5MP sovitettu pari
  • 21.3″
  • IPS LCD, LED taustavalo
  • GX560-MD MammoDuo näyttöpari
  • Takuu 5v


The RX560 MammoDuo integrates two RX560 monitors side by side on a specifically designed stand

Distraction-Free Viewing

With a 7.5 mm bezel, the world’s narrowest bezel on a 5 megapixel monitor, the total distance between two side-by-side screens is only 15 mm. Furthermore the screen is almost completely flat with the bezel sitting only 2.5 mm above the screen.

Space Saving

Due to the thinner bezels, the GX560 MammoDuo is slimmer than two conventional 5 megapixel monitors by 67 mm horizontally, 36 mm vertically and 20.5 mm in depth. Furthermore, the total occupying space is reduced by 22%.

Easy Adjustment

With the newly designed stand, you can adjust the height, tilt, and swivel of the two monitors without any gaps appearing between them.



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Tekniset tiedot

Malliversiot GX560-MD: Anti-Glare coating, two screens, dual stand GX560-AR-MD: Anti-Reflection coating, two screens, dual stand GX560: Anti-Glare coating, one screen GX560-AR: Anti-Reflection coating, one screen
Resoluutio 2048 x 2560 (4:5 aspect ratio)
Kirkkaus 2,500 cd/m2
Kirkkaus Dicom kalibroitu 1,000 cd/m2, 600 cd/m2
Tuloliitännät DisplayPort x 2, DVI-D (dual link)
Lähtöliitännät DisplayPort (daisy chain)